About Us

Mareliber believes in the immensity of thoughts and stories and works to keep them alive instead of losing.

Our brand name Mareliber is a combined form of Latin words mare and liber .

Mare stands for the sea, while the word marine was also derived from the mare. Besides, liber is the origin of the words sea, book, and freedom. Also, liber has used as the meaning of bark.

The leaf in our logo reaches its form by the bark meaning of the word liber. Our leaf slightly meets with the water surface and creates waves.

The Mareliber's logo symbolizes our enthusiasm to extend stories by touching them with one another like waves. The blue which we use is a gentle, pale blue that we hope it's offering a sense of harmony and balance, while evokes the immensity of the sky connecting our world to the universe.

Mareliber was established in Ankara at the beginning of 2020, bringing together years of experience and friendship.

We are working on documentaries and fictional films in the field of art.

At the same time, in the field of promotion and advertising; we shoot promotional films and advertisements, carry out corporate identity studies, build functional websites, prepare content for printed and digital media, conduct social media operations, and carry out archiving studies.

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Words fly, visuals remain.


Our Mission

To bring our services together with the changing expectations of the changing society in the best way by blending our knowledge and technology with the understanding of continuous self-improvement in line with our values.


Our Vision

To change the proverb "Verba volant scripta manent" that means "Words fly, texts remain" to "Words fly, visuals remain" by using the latest technology.


Mareliber feels responsible to the environment and the planet in everything it does, and works with this awareness.

Rights of the Planet

Mareliber does not take part in a work that causes any damage in nature. Mareliber protects the rights to life of all living beings and produces while watching these rights. Loves the planet, does not make speciesism.


Mareliber considers accountability and transparency. Mareliber presents a trustworthy relationship to its partners, which depends on mutual respect and honesty.

Labour Rights

Mareliber looks after the rights of employees and determines insurances, salaries, and working conditions by respecting these rights. Staff's good is important in the work environment, there is no room for mobbing in Mareliber.


Mareliber favors equity. Mareliber stands against all types of discrimination such as sex, gender, skin color, religion, ethnicity, age, disability, social status.

Offering Qualified Productions

Mareliber aims to make high-quality productions, studiously works to meet demands and needs satisfactorily. Mareliber trusts its qualified personnel and considers mutual satisfaction on productions.

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