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Deniz Şengenç

Producer, Director

Şengenç takes a bachelor's degree in the Sociology of Bilgi University, Istanbul. She participated in numerous oral history studies. In childhood, she discovered that the camera is an instrument to communicate with people when she saw smiles in their faces while taking photos in cafes. Since she believes that every person has a story, she plotted a route as a storyteller that brings persons and stories together. Şengenç had considerable stage experience, even in her undergraduate years. She worked as an assistant director in Genco Erkal's game named "Kerem Gibi", and produced trailers for various theater games and festivals. Şengenç took digital editing courses at New York Film Academy, meanwhile she took place in archiving works of non-governmental organizations.

At the Porto Femme Film Festival, she took place in the jury on behalf of the Flying Broom Association. Besides, she was the media representative of the Flying Broom 22th Women's Film Festival, and she still supports woman-oriented projects. Şengenç directed two short and one feature-length films. Her first feature-length documentary named "Yürümek (The Walkers)" was first screened at the 50th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Şengenç awarded by the Rovereto International Festival of Archeological Cinema in Italy with the documentary named "Katman" that she was the director of cinematography.

Onur Gazdağ

Art Director

He was born in Ankara in 1988. Although he graduated from Ankara University Biology department, he continued his professional life in theater, which he met during his high school years. Assistant director and actor in the play "Kör Nokta" at Anaç Ajans Theater 8 in 2007-2008; he was in the play "Göçebe" as an assistant director. In 2008, he founded the Fareler Theater with his friends in Ankara. As a compiler, director and actor in the play "Hayat Ritüeli" with the Fareler Theater; as a director and actor in the play "Kaç Baba Kaç"; as a writer and director in the plays "Hiçbirimiz" and "Levha"; as a writer and actor in the play "Köprüdekiler"; as a director in the plays "Sırça Hayvan Koleksiyonu", "Krem Karamel" and "Karışmak"; hhe took part as an actress in the plays "Sevdalınız" and "Miss Margarida Yöntemi".

Gazdağ, who worked as an art director at İdemania Advertising Agency between 2012 and 2013, and at Muhakkak in 2015; he has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Art Director at Mareliber since 2020. Onur Gazdağ, together with the Fareler Theater team, which has been working on independent theater for more than 10 years, established the Aralık Sahne in Ankara in 2021.

Gazdağ, who is also closely interested in the civil society side of theater and art, has been the spokesperson of the executive board of Ankara Theaters Platform and the representative of the Independent Theaters Union since 2017. He continues to be a board member of the Ankara Theater Producers Association and Ankara Theater Cooperative, of which he was one of the founders in 2020.

Kerim Can Kara


He graduated from Pertevniyal High School in 2017, and from the Political Science and International Relations of the TOBB University of Economics and Technology in 2022. He worked as an intern at the Research Centre on Asylum and Migration (IGAM) and the Sociology Association, and worked in the fields of migration studies and social sciences. Not content with professional work, he voluntarily took part in various youth organizations in the fields of economy, law, gender, media and communication. He worked as a volunteer assistant at the 22nd Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival.

Kerim Can, who has been working at Mareliber since 2020, also continues his independent activities. He is the editor-in-chief of Nimbus, the online culture-arts magazine he founded in 2020.

Ulaş Bager Aldemir

Author, Researcher

Born in 1994 in Ankara, he graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Philosophy with a thesis titled Phenomenology of the World: The Status of the Perceived World in Edmund Husserl.

His stories, essays, articles and poems have been published in Varlık, Roman Kahramanaları, Sincan İstasyonu, Kitap-lık, Cumhuriyet, İlkyaz (the Turkish page of PEN, the International Writers' Union), Adalya, AltZine, Birikim Güncel, Hürriyet Gösteri, Ayrıntı, Arkhe-Logos and Nimbus. He received the Seyhan Erözçelik First Book Poetry Award in 2020 for his file titled mercan ve girdap. Ulaş regularly contributes to the Sunday Supplement of BirGün newspaper with his articles and interviews and is on the editorial board of Ayrıntı Magazine.


Those who cross the road through Mareliber

At Mareliber, we provide internship opportunities for those pursuing their university education or recent graduates.

As part of our cooperation with TOBB University of Economics and Technology, we produce, learn and develop together with our interns whose regularly join us. More about our cooperation with TOBB ETU...

Janet Eke

May - August 2021

When I first came to Mareliber, I felt more welcome than I had felt anywhere in a long time. As an International Relations graduate, one of the things that made me feel useful was to be involved in projects that deal with such diverse and socially disorientated phenomena. Mareliber has given me many opportunities to get to know myself and express my creativity. Participating in the visual parts of the projects we have done (such as posters, posters) will be an unforgettable memory in my life. I would like to thank the Mareliber team, my family, for giving me this opportunity.

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