23rd Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival

  • Date: May 2020
  • Work: Online film festival
  • Partner: Flying Broom Foundation
  • Website: ucansupurge.org.tr

During the pandemic days surrounding the world, we crossed the borders thanks to the “online festival".

We brought festival films to audiences from all over the world.

Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival, which cannot be realized in movie theaters due to pandemic conditions, said "If you can't leave your house, the festival will come to you!"

The theme of the year, which was planned to be "Nature", updated itself as #WeStayedAtHome due to the current conditions.

Although this period put physical distances between people with the obligation to stay at home, it created new opportunities and ways to take the festival beyond its natural limits and reach audiences from many parts of the world. Mareliber stands with you to remove the borders and bring the distances closer by cinema and art.

What we did?

  • Festival poster
  • Online film screenings
  • Live interviews
  • Live opening and closing ceremonies
  • Festival teaser
  • Section teasers
  • Social media contents
  • Press operation
  • Film traffic
  • Film catalog and screening program
  • Social media management
  • Archiving and reporting

The experience of wandering the movie theater, right from your favorite seat!

Some of the most enjoyable aspects of a film festival are wandering between movie theaters, choosing the movies you like, and running from movie to movie with the program under your arm. And most importantly: The experience of watching together.

We had to bring the festival experience that the audience is used to and loved very much, to the digital platform. We transformed the official website of the Flying Broom Foundation into a cinema center with two halls. Moreover, we delivered the directors' talks and Q&A events to art lovers on the same platform, with the same formula.


Stylish, understandable and functional.

Sometimes deciding which movie to watch can be a tiring effort for the festival audience. A well-prepared film catalog and screening program determines the quality of the festival experience.

In order to keep the focus of the festival audience on the movies in a digital environment with plenty of distractions, we both prepared a traditional film catalog and turned it into contents ready to share on social media. While we the screening program and movie index in our movie theater, we transferred the daily menus to social media.

Check out the film catalog
Check out the screening program

Figures that make us smile

The first women's film festival in Turkey, the Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival had screened films and interacted with people in various cities of Turkey, Ankara especially, until 2020. The 24th Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival enlarged its scale and managed to meet with audiences all over the world, powered by the magic of the internet.


Film screenings


Live broadcasts


Live broadcast viewers


Social media sharings (Twitter ve Instagram)


Social media engagements (Twitter ve Instagram)


Most importantly, what the audience says.

The audience did not leave the 23rd Flying Broom Women's Film Festival alone for a moment, and conveyed countless messages of thanks and congratulations on social media during the 7 days of the film screenings.

  • Follower
    You were one of the most beautiful of this pandemic process. Thanks to you, a lot of people outside of Ankara have been able to access the movies. In addition, it was very nice to walk around the hall and attend the sessions without having any technical problems. When life returns to "normal", would you consider making movie screenings next year and then releasing it on digital like this? Thanks to everyone who contributed, you were very successful.
  • Follower
    It was such a beautiful festival... It comes to me saying "I am good at quarantine". I'm there wherever you are next year. Good for your labor, beautiful people!
  • Follower
    I have been very pleased to attend the festival and watch many movies this year. Thanks!

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