The front yard of a country house. The woman looks to the walls of the house and tries to understand the material of it. Thinks of that "This wall could be a nice background." Ups her head and tries to figure the light beam angle. The inside of the house is in view now, through the gaps of the curtain. Objects are our state of that we express ourselves. "Habitus," she thinks of now, "is what a key which opens the doors when we ask the appropriate questions." The man comes to her face and stops, quiet and curious. Another person tidies the shirt of the man and fixes the strands that fall his forehead. A conversation gonna start, they wait. The woman with headphones looks at the man that holds the boom microphone. "Soundcheck!" the woman wears headphones says. She looks at the woman behind the camera. And the camerawoman looks at the man next to the lights. All complete attention, confirm each other with their heads in turn. Eyes turn to the woman next to the camera and she says: "We can go now if you ready. We can stop whenever you want." The man in front of her responds: "Ready!" The woman next to the camera noddles in which means "Let's start to record." And the camerawoman says "Action!", the woman wears headphones says "House, yard, record!" And the story starts, will be the source of inspiration, enthusiasm, hope, and a lesson.


The camera is on the women's side, at the dancing people. "Cut!" a person says behind the camera, from among the people watching dancers. All stops. The time stops. Two people from behind the camera, go through the crowd that was dancing shortly before. One puts powder on the woman dancing, the other whispers in the man's ear that standing around the dancing people. The two backs to the positions where they came from. The woman behind the camera looks at the woman that sits her chair. They confirm each other. A voice rises again: "Camera! Action!". The people turn to the dancing from the position they just stopped. The written idea comes in life. The time and the place transform into waterdrops in an ocean. When the camera starts to record, the film crew starts to watch a film's harmony which changes our lives. A film comes to the theatres.


Mareliber archives the works of associations, foundations, and corporations. Mareliber records your congress, conferences, panels, seminars, workshops, and working groups and creates archives. In this way, Mareliber provides reusable and sharable archives that keep your institutional story alive.


Mareliber is here for your commercial works. Mareliber offers visual designs like posters, inserts, leaflets, social media contents, and catalogs. Mareliber prioritizes to recognize you and to create in a way that emphasizes the original features of your corporate identity. By this means, Mareliber clearly understands your needs, and innovatively responds to these. Besides, Mareliber also stands with you for commercial films like corporate promotions, venue promotions, and event promotions. Mareliber brings your story to the audience through video productions, advertisements, and marketing videos.


Mareliber offers consultancy for all the knowledge that you need in developing documentary film projects. Once the concept formed, Mareliber guides you in such phrases as project development, production, and post-production. After film finalized, Mareliber supports you to bring your film to the audience. Mareliber creates agendas for film festival applications and applies for festivals in case you need it. Mareliber creates agendas and manages your festival application operations separately for under developing and finished films. While you are just focusing on productivity, Mareliber supports you to carry your film to the audience.

Screenplay Doctor

Mareliber is also here to offer you the support you need for your scenarios. First of all, your scenario is evaluated and the needs of the scenario are determined to reach the shooting stage. By looking at the suitability of the dramatic structure, it is ensured that your scenario is ready for shooting by considering the deficiencies and excesses. Mareliber provides scriptwriting services in feature films, short films, TV series, TV movies.

Story of the Logo :

Our brand name mareliber is a combined form of Latin words mare and liber. Mare stands for the sea, while the word marine was also derived from the mare. Besides, liber is the origin of the words sea, book, and freedom. Also, liber has used as the meaning of bark. The leaf in our logo reaches its form by the bark meaning of the word liber. Our leaf slightly meets with the water surface and creates waves.
The Mareliber's logo symbolizes our enthusiasm to extend stories by touching them with one another like waves. The blue which we use is a gentle, pale blue that we hope it's offering a sense of harmony and balance, while evokes the immensity of the sky connecting our world to the universe. Mareliber believes in the immensity of thoughts and stories and works to keep them alive instead of losing.

Where Mareliber stands?

Rights of the planet:
Mareliber does not take part in a work that causes any damage in nature. Mareliber protects the rights to life of all living beings and produces while watching these rights. Loves the planet, does not make speciesism.
Trustworthiness :
Mareliber considers accountability and transparency. Mareliber presents a trustworthy relationship to its partners, which depends on mutual respect and honesty.
Labour rights:
Mareliber look after the rights of employees and determines insurances, salaries, and working conditions by respecting these rights. Staff's good is important in the work environment, there is no room for mobbing in Mareliber.
Mareliber favors equity. Mareliber is against all types of discrimination such as sex, gender, skin color, religion, ethnicity, age, disability, social status.
Offering qualified productions:
Mareliber aims to make high-quality productions. Mareliber studiously works to meet demands and needs satisfactorily. Mareliber trusts its qualified personnel and considers mutual satisfaction on productions.


Deniz Şengenç

Producer / Director

Şengenç takes a bachelor's degree in the Sociology of Bilgi University, Istanbul. She participated in numerous oral history studies. In childhood, she discovered that the camera is an instrument to communicate with people when she saw smiles in their faces while taking photos in cafes. Since she believes that every person has a story, she plotted a route as a storyteller that brings persons and stories together. Şengenç had considerable stage experience, even in her undergraduate years. She worked as an assistant director in Genco Erkal's game named "Kerem Gibi", and produced trailers for various theater games and festivals. Şengenç took digital editing courses at New York Film Academy, meanwhile she took place in archiving works of non-governmental organizations. At the Porto Femme Film Festival, she took place in the jury on behalf of the Flying Broom Association. Besides, she was the media representative of the Flying Broom 22th Women's Film Festival, and she still supports woman-oriented projects. Şengenç directed two short and one feature-length films. Her first feature-length documentary named "Yürümek (The Walkers)" was first screened at the 50th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Şengenç awarded by the Rovereto International Festival of Archeological Cinema in Italy with the documentary named "Katman" that she was the director of cinematography.

Onur Gazdağ

Art Director

Gazdağ takes a bachelor's degree in the Biology of Ankara University. Even he is close to science, he always connected to art. During and after undergraduate study, he never stopped to express himself with the theater that he started in childhood. Gazdağ both played, wrote, and directed numerous plays in the field of theater. In the meantime, he served as an art director on advertising agencies. Since he believes that the necessity of art is the nuance differs a person from a giraffe, he led to create open spaces that people can produce altogether. As a founding member, Gazdağ is the spokesman of the Ankara Platform of Theaters. Besides, he is still the director of the Theather Club at the TOBB University of Economics and Technology and general art director of the Fareler Theater. He won the 19th Direklerarası Audience Awards with his game named "Hiçbirimiz".

Kerim Can Kara

Production Assistant

Kara graduated from Pertevniyal High School, İstanbul. He is studying at the Political Science and International Relations of the TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara. When his undergraduate study goes on, he worked as a project assistant on various migration studies. He was not satisfied with professional works only, he took place in youth, media, and communication studies as a volunteer. Kara served as a volunteer at the Flying Broom 22nd Women's Film Festival. Since he loves to learn, he strongly engaged with academia, and he believes in the preciousness of producing academic knowledge from daily life experience. Kara believes in the togetherness of different cultures, with their authentic features. On one hand, he admires the folk poets; on the other hand, he gives his ear to the voices from different worlds like Behemoth and Andre Rieu.