Deniz Oktay

Deniz Oktay

Screenwriter & Copywriter

Oktay takes a bachelor's degree in the Sociology of the Pamukkale University, Denizli. She worked as a Philosophy Teacher and a Guidance Teacher for 12 years on various institutions. After these teaching years, she quit public service and studied the Department of Dramatic Writing of Ankara University, Faculty of Languages, History, and Geography. Because she did not want to delay the word that should be said to the world. The writing is always a liberating activity for her. Oktay turned to the screenwriting and the playwriting, and she served as a scenarist on various TV series and films.

Besides, she worked as a dramaturgist and assistant director in the theatre. With her creativity that never decreases, she also served as a copywriter for many advertisement agencies. Naturally, this productivity met with a precious award - Oktay won the second prize of Sahne Çolpan İlhan Playwriting Contest in 2019 with her game named "Altın Fener".

Krem Karamel, Oyun afişi

Cream Caramel / Mice Theater

Theatre/ 2019
Dramaturg / Assistant Director
A former TV-programmer woman was imprisoned in the house with a marriage clap because of the role of society. In the play where we travel in our protagonist's dreams, we see that the only way to get out of this order is possible with the decision and action of her. At the end of the play, by realizing that patriarchal codes can't be saved by a man, the protagonist must take power as the subject of her own life.
Cesaret Ana, Oyun afişi

Master of Courage

Theatre/ 2018
Daramaturg / Assistant to Reji
Ankara University DTCF Graduation Game

Deniz Oktay

My Fat Lover

Feature Film / 2020
Deniz Oktay

Onka Group Advertisement

Advertisement / 2018-2019

Deniz Oktay

Glass Leaves / Mice Theater

Theatre/ 2018
Director / Adaptive
Deniz Oktay

Wedia Corp

YouTube / 2018
YouTube Video Writer