Deniz Şengenç

Producer / Director

Şengenç takes a bachelor's degree in the Sociology of Bilgi University, Istanbul. She participated in numerous oral history studies. In childhood, she discovered that the camera is an instrument to communicate with people when she saw smiles in their faces while taking photos in cafes. Since she believes that every person has a story, she plotted a route as a storyteller that brings persons and stories together. Şengenç had considerable stage experience, even in her undergraduate years. She worked as an assistant director in Genco Erkal's game named "Kerem Gibi", and produced trailers for various theater games and festivals. Şengenç took digital editing courses at New York Film Academy, meanwhile she took place in archiving works of non-governmental organizations.

At the Porto Femme Film Festival, she took place in the jury on behalf of the Flying Broom Association. Besides, she was the media representative of the Flying Broom 22th Women's Film Festival, and she still supports woman-oriented projects. Şengenç directed two short and one feature-length films. Her first feature-length documentary named "Yürümek (The Walkers)" was first screened at the 50th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Şengenç awarded by the Rovereto International Festival of Archeological Cinema in Italy with the documentary named "Katman" that she was the director of cinematography.

Katman, Film afişi


Documentary / 2017/67 '/ Color / Turkish
The documentary, which tells the story of the archaeological excavations that Dr. Gül Pulhan and Dr. Stuart Blaylock and their teams have been carrying out on Batman Gre Amer Mound for many years, directed by Melek Ulagay Taylan.

After This Day

Documentary / 2015/77 '/ Color / English, Armenian
Directed by director Nigol Bezjian, the documentary follows the steps of two historians Selim Deringil and Vahé Tashjian, tracing the hidden story of the Antoura Jesuit / Lazarist School in Lebanon.

Yürümek, Film Afişi

Yürümek (The Walkers)

Documentary / 2013 / 51'22 '' / Color / Turkish, Kurdish
Director, Cinematographer
The people independent from each other coming from the four corners of Turkey meet, they walked 1400 kilometers for the peace walk from Roboski to Ankara, the film is being on the road and the road.

Balık Olmak (Being a Fish)

Documentary / 2012 / 4'45 '' / Color / Turkish
Director, Producer


Eressos Romantica

Documentary / 2012 / 7'57 '' / Color / English

I Left My Shoes in Istanbul (Kunduralarımı İstanbul'da Bıraktım)

Documentary / 2011/64 '/ Color / English, Armenian
Deputy Director of Photography
Nigol Bezijan's movie follows a Lebanese Armenian poet closely. Sako Arian, who has been on a postponed journey for a century, returned to Istanbul, to his cultural roots...