Onur Gazdağ

Art Director

Gazdağ takes a bachelor's degree in the Biology of Ankara University. Even he is close to science, he always connected to art. During and after undergraduate study, he never stopped to express himself with the theater that he started in childhood. Gazdağ both played, wrote, and directed numerous plays in the field of theater. In the meantime, he served as an art director on advertising agencies.

Since he believes that the necessity of art is the nuance differs a person from a giraffe, he led to create open spaces that people can produce altogether. As a founding member, Gazdağ is the spokesman of the Ankara Platform of Theaters. Besides, he is still the director of the Theather Club at the TOBB University of Economics and Technology and general art director of the Fareler Theater. He won the 19th Direklerarası Audience Awards with his game named "Hiçbirimiz".

Krem Karamel, Oyun afişi

Karmel cream / Fareler Tiyatrosu

Game/ 2019
A former TV-programmer woman was imprisoned in the house with a marriage clap because of the role of society. In the play where we travel in our protagonist's dreams, we see that the only way to get out of this order is possible with the decision and action of her. At the end of the play, by realizing that patriarchal codes can't be saved by a man, the protagonist must take power as the subject of her own life.

None of us / Mice Theater

Game / 2017 - 2018
Director, Writer


Glass Animal Collection / Mice Theater

Game / 2016 - 2017
Miss Margarida Yöntemi, Oyun afişi

Miss Margarida Yöntemi / Fareler Tiyatrosu

Game / 2012 - 2013

The ultimate aim of Miss Margarida is to change. Change everything from head to toe! Change the head of each of you! What would Miss Margarida's authority has been for if she couldn't change your heads a little?


Your Lover / Mice Theater

Game / 2012 - 2013

Run Father Run / Mice Theater

Game / 2010 - 2011


Ritual of Life / Mice Theater

Game / 2009 - 2010