Deniz Şengenç

Producer / Director

Şengenç takes a bachelor's degree in the Sociology of Bilgi University, Istanbul. She participated in numerous oral history studies. In childhood, she discovered that the camera is an instrument to communicate with people when she saw smiles in their faces while taking photos in cafes. Since she believes that every person has a story, she plotted a route as a storyteller that brings persons and stories together. Şengenç had considerable stage experience, even in her undergraduate years. She worked as an assistant director in Genco Erkal's game named "Kerem Gibi", and produced trailers for various theater games and festivals. Şengenç took digital editing courses at New York Film Academy, meanwhile she took place in archiving works of non-governmental organizations. At the Porto Femme Film Festival, she took place in the jury on behalf of the Flying Broom Association. Besides, she was the media representative of the Flying Broom 22th Women's Film Festival, and she still supports woman-oriented projects. Şengenç directed two short and one feature-length films. Her first feature-length documentary named "Yürümek (The Walkers)" was first screened at the 50th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Şengenç awarded by the Rovereto International Festival of Archeological Cinema in Italy with the documentary named "Katman" that she was the director of cinematography.

Onur Gazdağ

Art Director

Gazdağ takes a bachelor's degree in the Biology of Ankara University. Even he is close to science, he always connected to art. During and after undergraduate study, he never stopped to express himself with the theater that he started in childhood. Gazdağ both played, wrote, and directed numerous plays in the field of theater. In the meantime, he served as an art director on advertising agencies. Since he believes that the necessity of art is the nuance differs a person from a giraffe, he led to create open spaces that people can produce altogether. As a founding member, Gazdağ is the spokesman of the Ankara Platform of Theaters. Besides, he is still the director of the Theather Club at the TOBB University of Economics and Technology and general art director of the Fareler Theater. He won the 19th Direklerarası Audience Awards with his game named "Hiçbirimiz".

Kerim Can Kara

Production Assistant

Kara graduated from Pertevniyal High School, İstanbul. He is studying at the Political Science and International Relations of the TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara. When his undergraduate study goes on, he worked as a project assistant on various migration studies. He was not satisfied with professional works only, he took place in youth, media, and communication studies as a volunteer. Kara served as a volunteer at the Flying Broom 22nd Women's Film Festival. Since he loves to learn, he strongly engaged with academia, and he believes in the preciousness of producing academic knowledge from daily life experience. Kara believes in the togetherness of different cultures, with their authentic features. On one hand, he admires the folk poets; on the other hand, he gives his ear to the voices from different worlds like Behemoth and Andre Rieu.