7 February 2022

What A Festival

2020: A Festival Story on the Corona Days

“What a Festival” focuses on the making process of the 23rd Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival during the early days of the pandemic – the first-ever online screening of its history. This is a process where firsts and changes are experienced not only for the festival but also for all of us all over the world. “What a Festival” presents a new formation of the festival’s legacy through all the obscurity and uneasiness.

Year: 2021

Duration: 40 minutes

Language: Turkish / English

Director: Deniz Şengenç

Producer: Mareliber, Uçan Süpürge Foundation




Cast & Crew

Language Turkish, English
Duration 40 minutes
Director Deniz Şengenç
Producer Mareliber
Uçan Süpürge Vakfı
Assistant Director Berfin Kaya
Production Assistant Kerim Can Kara
Sound Mix İsmail Hakkı Hafız
2nd Production Assistant Ece Karacaoğlu
Poster Design Janet Eke
Translation Sinemis Kamer Şahin



  • 11 June 202124th Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival

    Special screening
    Doğan Taşdelen Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi, Ankara
    Turkey premiere
  • 12 August 2021Viçe Festival Women-Life Days

    Special screening
    Kazım Koyuncu Kültür ve Sanat Evi, Rize



Mare Liber Photography and Video Inc.
Kızılırmak Mah. Dumlupınar Blv.
Pasifik Gayrimenkul Apt. No: 3C1-160